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Fostering EEM market development - perspectives and lessons learned from across Europe

The Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage (NEEM) Hub is delighted to announce the publication of its latest report which has been prepared by the EMF-ECBC (European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council).


The NEEM Hub was established to unlock the mortgage industry's full potential in terms of energy efficiency and decarbonisation. To achieve this, it is important to share knowledge and research at the jurisdictional levels and encourage local stakeholders to work together to address local challenges and take advantage of local opportunities.


The EMF-ECBC has collected factsheets from pioneers across six jurisdictions: Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordics (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), Spain, and the UK. These factsheets provide information and knowledge on the local building stock, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation. The factsheets are structured around three main points: a general description of the projects, achieved and expected outcomes, and perspectives and lessons learned.


In Spring 2023, the information in the factsheets was presented and discussed with a wider audience during a NEEM Hub webinar prepared by the EMF-ECBC.


Feel free to reach out to Deputy Secretary-General at EMF-ECBC, Jennifer Johnson, for more information.



Jennifer Johnson,

European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council


Alessandra Melis, GFI

Angelo Peppetti, Italian Banking Association

Astrid Leth Nielsen, Copenhagen Economics

Catia Alvés, UCI

Daniela Antonini, Banco BPM

Frans Meel, Febelfin

Jonas Bjarke Jensen, Copenhagen Economics

Piet Hein Schram, EEM Mortgages NL Hub

Serena Razzi, Italian Banking Association

Simone Ruth Flindhardt, Copenhagen Economics