NEEM Publications

Analysis of Regulatory & Supervisory landscape relative to EEM

The report identifies and explores the key touchpoints between the EU regulatory and supervisory landscape and energy efficient mortgages, with a focus on the Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) definition, the EEM Label and the prudential treatment of EEM.

How to comply and align with the EU policy agenda

The report considers the challenges and opportunities faced by lending institutions in relation to the regulatory and supervisory landscape for Sustainable Finance through the lens of energy-efficient mortgages.

Data gaps and quality gaps analysis for financial institutions data chains

The NEEM Hub has introduced a data-driven approach to estimating the energy efficiency of buildings. This approach allows banks and other providers of finance to easily identify potential investments in energy efficiency.

Data foundation for scaling up energy efficient mortgages in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

The report concludes that the data foundation across all three countries is defined by different degrees of fragmentation. 

Fostering EEM market development - perspectives and lessons learned from across Europe

The EMF-ECBC has collected factsheets from pioneers across six jurisdictions, providing information and knowledge on the local building stock, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation.

The Energy Performance Certificate predictive model

The NEEM modelling approach enhances existing energy signature models using detailed data on weather, heating use, and energy use. This report outlines the challenges encountered during the implementation and testing of our approach.

Prioritised list of metrics to enable an AI supervised approach

This paper provides an overview and assesses the readiness of the supply side to respond to the existing and emerging demands of Nordic banks to scale their energy-efficient mortgages – both from an asset and portfolio level point of view.

Aligning green mortgages in the Nordics with the EU taxonomy

The paper identifies areas where the EU taxonomy could further contribute to the adoption of green mortgages in the Nordics and put forwardrecommendations to achieve it.

Blueprint of the NEEM Hub Core Solution

The ultimate purpose of the solution is to identify, reach out to, and incentivise households where energy renovations would be beneficial, not only from a climate perspective but also from a financial perspective, where the savings in energy bills would surpass the costs entailed in such a renovation.